Meet The Team

Whatzere Queue Smart is a mobile payment service that operates from an application on your smartphone. It is ideal for people attending live events, especially music and sport, because even when they have to get food or refreshments, they will hardly miss a moment of the action. You simply download the app, register your details and credit card, allowing you to order refreshments through your mobile and collect without queuing. It saves you so much time and cuts out the hassle of waiting in long queues when you should be enjoying the action at the event.

Our mission, that which gets us out of bed in the morning and passionate about the work we do, is to maximize each moment. We want to maximize each moment for ourselves in how we live and work, for our clients and how they conduct their businesses efficiently, and for our customers in the way they can enjoy the best moments in life without hanging around. We hate wasting time doing unnecessary and avoidable tasks, like queuing!

Our mobile payment platform lets every customer order and pay for services without delays or the need to queue. They can maximize those precious ‘live’ moments and avoid the hassle, the stress and the grief of queuing. For our business partners, it helps to make every “trip to the till” as short and as painless as possible for the consumer and that means they come back more often, meaning our partners get a greater share of their wallet through faster and more efficient customer service. And when the service is good you always come back for more!