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Mobilising Your Money with real time Mobile Payment Platform

This is the story of an age-old human problem being solved by a new mobile technology. This innovation capitalises upon the lucrative market for a real time mobile payments platform.

People hate to queue in general but especially if it means they will miss the action at a live event.

Introducing Whatzere Queue Smart, the real time mobile payments platform, that lets people order and securely pay for refreshments and merchandise from the comfort of their seats and collect without queuing when their order is ready!

Brilliantly simple and commercially proven through multiple beta tests, payments powered by Stripe, we aim to mobilise the customer’s money to increase orders and revenue at live events by up to 10%.  We have dramatically improved customer service and experience with dramatically shorter queue times at vendor kiosks, bars, nightlife events and targeting a whole host of merchandise outlets. On average we have cut queue times by 80%, from over 15 minutes at some test sites to less than 3 minutes.

Our research and beta test experience shows that over half of those who would make a purchase at a live event are not doing so because of the length of the queues! That means venues could double their revenue and potentially triple their profit through the use of our application.

The emergence of smart phones, their adoption across all demographics, the explosion of iPhone and Android apps and the sheer dependence we all have on our mobiles has opened the door to many new opportunities. Whatzere is one of these opportunities and it capitalises upon the emerging mobile payment platform market.

For more information contact , visit or drop in to talk to us at the Alpha Start Up Village, Builders Track, Stall B 120, Wednesday Nov 4th at this year’s Dublin Web Summit 2015.



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